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Our company:

PERFORMS - cleaning of areas from trees/bushes, we offer delivery service.
PURCHASES - chipping material, fellings, forest properties, overgrown agricultural land, roadside timber. 
SELLS - wood chips.

Our services

Veicam - platību attīrīšanu no koku/krūmu apauguma

We perform - cleaning of areas from trees and bushes

Pievešanas pakalpojumi

Delivery services

Pērkam - šķeldojamo materiālu

 We purchase - chipping material

Pērkam meža īpašumus, aizaugušas lauksaimniecības zemes

We purchase forest properties, overgrown agricultural land

Pērkam kokmateriālus pie ceļa

We purchase timber by the road

Pārdodam - kurināmo šķeldu

We sell - wood chips

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Log carrier services - transportation of logs

About us

About the company SINDA & VR SIA

About the company SINDA & VR SIA

SINDA & VR SIA - a reliable and proven cooperation partner with more than 15 years of experience in the production and delivery of fuel and technological wood chips, as well as in the clearing of land areas from trees and bushes. In order customers could obtain thermal energy or electricity, we are able to ensure a regular and stable supply of fuel wood chips to companies, state institutions and other interested parties.

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