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SINDA & VR - a reliable and proven cooperation partner with more than 15 years of experience in the production and delivery of fuel and technological wood chips, as well as in the clearing of land areas from trees and bushes. In order customers could obtain thermal energy or electricity, we are able to ensure a regular and stable supply of fuel wood chips to companies, state institutions and other interested parties.


  • clearing of agricultural lands, drainage ditches, forest edges from trees and bushes. We provide the service with a small-class excavator with a mass of 7 to 8 tons, equipped with a specialized rivet head.

  • production of wood chips. We chop branches, bark and various wood scraps. We provide services both in the forest, as well as on roadsides, and in squares. The capacity/power of one chipping machine unit is 180 cubic meters per hour.

  • delivery of timber - in cases where the customer has harvested the vegetation on his own, we offer delivery of timber from the object to the warehouse, with equipment equipped with a specialized bucket.

  • transportation of logs - we offer the service of a log carrier. Timber will be transported from the warehouse to the delivery point specified by the customer.

sindra-vr-mezsaimnieciba (17).jpeg


  • overgrown agricultural land;

  • piles of branches;

  • timber by the road;

  • forest properties;

  • felling sites.

    Our regions of operation - Vidzeme, Zemgale, Latgale, more detailed information and agreement - by contacting


Wood chips. We offer to buy wood chips of different origin and quality - wood chips from wood scraps from the outskirts or sawmills, technological wood or firewood chips, coniferous wood chips, hardwood wood chips and mixed wood chips.

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